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Roof fire in 28 first due
Friday, June 14, 2013 15:52
Firefighters from station 28 were alerted this afternoon at 1552hrs for a reporting fire on the roof of a building on 200 block of St Asaphs Rd in Bala Cynwyd. Within just moments, Pipeline 28 left the station, arriving on scene with heavy smoke showing from the roof. Firefighters quickly reached the penthouse level of the building, where the encountered fire that had traveled 7 floors from the 1st floor kitchen. Quickly, firefighters extinguished the fire, and then checked the floors below for extension.

Total time in service: 2 hours, 26 minutes.

28 Officer in charge: Lt. R. Weber

Units on scene: Pipeline 28, Tower 28, Utility 28, Ladder 22, Squad 22, Rescue 22, Engine 26, Engine 26-1, Ladder 26, Car 26, Air 24, Engine/RIT 24, Ladder 24, Utility 24, Engine 25, Ladder 25, Ladder 21, Rescue/RIT 21, Utility 21, Ladder 23, Lower Merion Township Police, Lower Merion Township Fire Marshals, Lower Merion Township Paramedics