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Congatulations Cat Marchese, FF1!
Monday, June 29, 2015 
The Union Fire Association would like to extend a big congratulations to our Sister Firefighter Catriona Marchese, a newly state certified Firefighter 1! Cat attended classes at the Montgomery County Fire Academy for several months, attending over 180 hours worth of class to obtain her certification.


Underground Electrical Fire
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 14:54
At 14:54 hours today, Firefighters were alerted to two simulatenous fire alarms on the 300 Block of Montgomery Avenue. Firefighters responded and found an underground electrical fire in front of the businesses. The fire had caused significant electrical issues inside of the stores causing them to be evacuated, and also closed Montgomery Avenue to passing motorists. Peco Electic was requested to the scene to assist with the situation. Firefighters were on the scene for 3 hours keeping the situation under control.

Thank you to our Neighbors at the Narberth Fire Company who assisted with the situation.

Units on scene: Engine 28, Tower 28, Engine 26, Lower Merion Fire Marshals, Lower Merion Police

The Picture to the right was taken by Staff Engineer John Trainer of the LMFD Local 2844

Line Officer Update
Monday, February 23, 2015 
Congratulations to Firefighter Benjamin Adams who was promoted to Lieutenant.

Ben joins the 2015 Union Fire Officers:
Chief: Jim Hornung
Deputy: Steve Weber
Assistant: Dave Staffieri
Lieutenant: Rob Carovillano
Lieutenant 1: Benjamin Adams

City Ave Restaurant Fire
Friday, March 14, 2014 03:05
Firefighters from Union were awoken shortly after 0300hrs this morning to respond to a Restaurant fire on the 100 block of West City Avenue. Once on scene, firefighters encountered heavy smoke inside and worked alongside the Philadelphia Fire Department to bring the fire under control.

Lower Merion Units on scene: Pipeline 28, Tower 28, Utility 28, Squad 22, Engine 26, Engine 26-1, Engine 26-2, Ladder 26, Air 24, Engine/RIT 25, Narberth Paramedics, Lower Merion Police

Philadelphia Units on scene: Engine 54, Engine 41, Engine 16, Engine 35, Ladder 24, Ladder 25, Battalion 11, Battalion 7, Tower/RIT 6, Philadelphia Paramedics, Philadelphia Police

Historic Barn Fire
Monday, February 24, 2014 13:14
Firefighters were called to an unusual and historically unfortunate fire early this afternoon on the Unit block of Derwen Road. Pipeline 28 arrived to find a historic barn to the rear of a residence well involved. Firefighters worked quickly to attempt to contain the rapidly burning fire from engulfing the 19th century converted workshop. Multiple units from Union, Narberth Fire, and Belmont Hills fire used water lines to extinguish the blaze.

Late Night House Fire
Sunday, February 16, 2014 
Firefighters fought harsh winter conditions at a fire this evening. Just after 11pm, Firefighters were alerted to a house fire on the 100 block of Bryn Mawr Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. Pipeline 28 arrived on location and were met with heavy fire on the 2nd floor of the home. Firefighters worked quickly to attempt to extinguish the fire, however the fire had grown rapidly and had already passed the roof-line. The fire building and adjoining property were rapidly checked for any remaining occupants, and the buildings evacuated due to rapidly deteriorating conditions. Ladder trucks were raised, and multiple water hoses were used to then extinguish the remaining fire from the exterior of the home.

Thank you to all of our assisting companies: Belmont Hills Fire (22), Narberth Fire (26), Gladwyne Fire (24), Ardmore Fire (25), Pennwynne Fire (21, Narberth Ambulance (313), Lower Merion Police, and the Lower Merion Fire Marshalls.

Also a huge thank you to the Conshohocken Fire #2 (35) who sent firefighters and an engine to our station to handle any other emergencies, The Llanerch Fire Company who did the same for Penn Wynne Fire (station 21), and to the North Penn Good Will Service who traveled all the way from Souderton, PA to feed our hungry and thirsty firemen.

House Fire Assist to Narberth
Friday, February 14, 2014 
Shortly after 11pm, Firefighters from Union were dispatched to assist the neighboring Narberth Fire Company with a house fire on the 1100 block of Montgomery Avenue in Penn Valley. Firefighters were on scene investigating a smoke condition on the 2nd floor of the residence, when they found fire in a wall. Units from 28 responded to the scene, and worked to assist Naberth to contain the fire and prevent property loss.

Units on scene: L26,EN26,EN26-1,EN26-2,P28,TW28,SD22,EN/RIT25,AIR24,M313,34PD

Snow Storm Fire
Monday, February 3, 2014 
After a heavy snowfall, firefighters from Union were called to assist neighboring Belmont Hills Fire Company with a house fire on the 1200 block of Gainsboro Rd. Ladder 22 (Belmont Hills) had been called to the home for a smoke condition in the laundry room of the home. They had arrived on scene and were met with fire in the ceiling. LT28-1 quickly joined the crew on scene to be followed shortly thereafter by the crew on Pipeline 28. Firefighters worked quickly to determine the source of the fire. Having put a stop to the quickly spreading fire, Firefighters from Union then worked to save the homeowner's belongings from water and smoke damage.

Units on scene: L22,P28,E26,LMPD,313 Medics

Firefighters respond to Garage Fire
Monday, October 21, 2013 08:59
Firefighers were dispatched this morning to a report of a vehicle on fire in a maintenance shed on the 400 block of Righters Ferry Rd in Bala Cynwyd. Within moments, crews responded to the scene, arriving to find a 3 story maintenance shed with fire showing from two garage bays. Firefighters immediately deployed a 2 1/2" handline to fight the fire and had it under conrol within minutes.

Officer in Charge: Assistant 28

Time in service: 1 Hour, 31 minutes

Units on scene: Pipeline 28, Tower 28, Utility 28, Ladder 22, Ladder 26, Engine 26, Enginer 26-1, Engine/RIT 24, Air 24, Lower Merion Police, Narberth Ambulance Paramedics, Lower Merion Township Fire Marshalls.

Photo Credit: Pete Bannan, Main Line Media News

Ongoing Education
Saturday, July 20, 2013
F/F Thaddeus Kavanagh spent July 20th & 21st participating in the 32nd Annual Pennsylvania State Weekend at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland. This Annual Weekend Program, offered exclusively for the Emergency Services Personnel of Pennsylvania, is a joint venture of the National Fire Academy (NFA) Field Programs Division, the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy (PASFA), and the Pennsylvania Fire and Emergency Service Institute (PAFESI) as a co-sponsor. This two day program offers seven different NFA courses. The NFA hosts the program in Emmitsburg, Maryland and provides the instruction and course materials. The Pennsylvania State Fire Academy selects the courses, recruits and registers the participants according to established student selection criteria. This weekend offers the opportunity to strengthen a state's fire service community through education, personal networking, and a shared collegial experience.

Roof fire in 28 first due
Friday, June 14, 2013 15:52
Firefighters from station 28 were alerted this afternoon at 1552hrs for a reporting fire on the roof of a building on 200 block of St Asaphs Rd in Bala Cynwyd. Within just moments, Pipeline 28 left the station, arriving on scene with heavy smoke showing from the roof. Firefighters quickly reached the penthouse level of the building, where the encountered fire that had traveled 7 floors from the 1st floor kitchen. Quickly, firefighters extinguished the fire, and then checked the floors below for extension.

Total time in service: 2 hours, 26 minutes.

28 Officer in charge: Lt. R. Weber

Units on scene: Pipeline 28, Tower 28, Utility 28, Ladder 22, Squad 22, Rescue 22, Engine 26, Engine 26-1, Ladder 26, Car 26, Air 24, Engine/RIT 24, Ladder 24, Utility 24, Engine 25, Ladder 25, Ladder 21, Rescue/RIT 21, Utility 21, Ladder 23, Lower Merion Township Police, Lower Merion Township Fire Marshals, Lower Merion Township Paramedics

Station 28 assist 26 with Dwelling Fire
Sunday, June 9, 2013 07:20
Station 28 was alerted this morning at 0720hrs to assisted Narberth Fire Company with a reporting dwelling fire. Initial reports indicated a smoke through the residence with an unknown origin.

Tower and Pipeline 28 made the response, assisting neighboring Station 26 with the investigation.

Total time in service: 23 Minutes 28 OIC: Chief Hornung

Station 28 assists 22 on Dwelling Fire
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 15:27
Bells sounded this afternoon at Station 28 to assist Station 22 (Belmont Hills) with a dwelling fire on the 700 Block of Harvard Road in Bala Cynwyd. Initial callers reported that smoke could be seen coming from the residence. In just over 30 seconds, Pipeline 28 hit the road. Firefighters quickly entered the residence and began attacking the fire that was rapidly growing. Firefighters from station 28 remained on scene for just over 2 and a half hours fighting the blaze, salvaging belongings, and cleaning up after the ordeal.
Units on scene: Ladder 22, Rescue 22, Utility 22, Pipeline 28, Tower 28, Utility 28, Engine 26, Engine 26-1, Engine 26-2, Engine/RIT 25, Air 24, Narberth Ambulance Paramedics, Lower Merion Township Police, Lower Merion Township Fire Marshals

Firefighters respond to Electrical Fire inside Building
Tuesday, May 21, 2013 19:07
Firefighters were dispatched this evening to a report of smoke inside of a building on the 500 block of Montgomery Avenue. Firefighters from station 28, assisted by the nearby Narberth Fire Company, found an odor of electrical burning inside of the building, as well as a stuck elevator with an occupant inside. The trapped victim was quickly rescued, and the investigation continued. PECO was summoned to the scene to assist with the investigation.

Station 28 OIC: DC Weber
Units responding: Pipeline 28, Tower 28, Utility 28, Ladder 26, Engine 26

Flags to Half Mast for Batt. Chief Goodwin
Sunday, April 7, 2013 
Firefighters at Station 28 lowered flags to half mast today, mourning the loss of Battalion Chief Goodwin, a Philadelphia Fire Department Veteran. Firefighters in neighboring Philadelphia were fighting a blaze when Chief Goodwin was killed in the line of duty.

April marks a particularly sad month for the City of Philadelphia Fire Department, as well as firefighters nationwide, as it marks the one year anniversary of the deaths of Capt. Robert Neary and Firefighter Daniel Sweeney, also killed in the Line of Duty while fighting a fire.

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